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The first attempts for a periodical edition start in the 60-ies of the XX c., when during the years 1967 and 1968 comes out a News bulletin. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary from the opening of the exposition of the Maritime museum in Varna, is made a two-volume collection, in which there are articles of museum employees and external specialists. They refer to problems of the naval history, as well as simply museum topics. In 1978 comes out the first guide-book of the museum. With its 68 color pages and summaries in Russian and German, it successfully interprets for a long time, its role of a guide of the visitors across the halls of the museum.

In 1994 and 1995 in collaboration with the restored three years earlier Bulgarian maritime union, the Naval museum issues three copies of the bulletin “Maritime Bulgaria” . Its brief life is due thoroughly to the financial restrictions. To the same series could be added the collection “Development of the Bulgarian maritime commercial fleet from the 50-ies to the 70-ies ” with statements from the specially organized on August 10th , 1994, meeting- discussion.

The great achievement in the publishing and at the same time success in the research activity in the museum, is the issuing of “Annual of the Naval museum”. The first volume comes out in 2001. The most recent, seventh volume comes off the press on the eve of 2010. In the annual which is edited by an association, constituted by scientific workers, are published the researches of specialists in the sphere of the maritime and the naval history of Bulgaria and the region in its dynamics and diversity. By reason of the variety of the elaborated topics by the annual, the Naval museum collaborates with authors from all parts of the country and working on different directions – historians, engineers, officers who represent museums and institutes or independently working researchers and authors of memoirs.

The museum specialists often participate as members of author’s groups at the elaboration of problems of the maritime and naval history of Bulgaria. For example, with the thoroughly participation of the museum employees and with the use of the wealth of the museum fund, are published many collections and albums. In 1989 is issued the first large “History of the Bulgarian naval fleet ” (Sofia, Military publishing house, 1989), deed of a large author’s group. In 2006 is realized another view on the history of the fleet by the album “The Naval forces of Bulgaria 1879- 2006”.