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The yacht “Cor Caroli” (translated from Latin “Carl’s heart”) enters in the Naval museum in 1979 as a proof about the first lonesome sailing round the world, accomplished by a Bulgarian navigator. This is Captain Georgi Georgiev, who, in 1976-1977, makes a full tour of the Earth under the sails of “Cor Caroli”. The sailing starts from Havana, through Panama channel, The Marquis islands in the Pacific Ocean, the Fidji islands, Suva, the Australian port Darvin. From there he directs to Cape town, crosses the South Atlantic and finishes his sailing again in Havana. It is accompanied by many dangerous moments, tests for the physics, the nautical training and the mentality of the unique member of the crew.

Captain G. Georgiev is awarded with series of state orders and is given the well-deserved respect among the Bulgarian sailors from different ages for his exceptional bravery. He is universally acknowledged also in the “Book about Guinness records ” where in the issue about 1981-1982, is written : “The fastest solo tour of the world with a single-hull vessel by time : “Cor Caroli”- 29 foots, 9 inches. GEORGI GEORGIEV (Bulgaria); Havana, Cuba- December 20 1976, Havana, Cuba – December 20 1977, 201,9 days (201 days, 21 hours and 36 minutes).

The yacht with a name of a star is Crasser, built for yacht competitions. It is serial type, known as “Kartar- 30”. It was built in Poland in 1975. The corpus is from fiber glass and its general specifications are : largest length – 9.07 m; largest width – 3.08 m.; wade – 1.52 m.; displacement 3.320 t.; subsidiary engine 10 k.s.; regular sail area –55 m. sq.

In honor of the great achievement of Captain Georgi Georgiev and in his memory, after his early death, in 1980, is founded the transition award Golden Globe “Cor Caroli”. It is bestowed every year on December 20 to whom realized (or those realized) the best Bulgarian yacht achievement during the year. This idea is at first supported from the yacht club “Captain G. Georgiev” until 1992 when is created a special foundation under the name “Cor Caroli”. Its basic aims are the determination of the winners and the organization of the bestowing of the award as well as stimulating and propagation of the yachting in Bulgaria.